Skip Types

If you have not hired a skip before, then selecting the right size can be confusing.
The companies we work with are more than happy to advise you - you just need to ask for their help!

We would always suggest choosing a bigger size if you are not sure. It can be expensive if you need to hire a second skip later.

However, make sure you have the space to site a larger skip and your property has the right access for a larger delivery vehicle

Some people even choose to get together with their neighbours to make the cost more economical - few people can hoard enough rubbish to fill a whole skip on their own unless they have a large building project underway. So rather than make multiple trips to your local tip, why not get your clear-out started and club together with your neighbours to hire a skip this weekend?

Skip Types

There are various types of skip - below are the most common sizes:

  • 3 Yard
  • 4 Yard
  • 6 Yard
  • 8 Yard
  • 10 Yard
  • 12 Yard
  • 20 Yard Ro Ro
  • 50 Yard Ro Ro

In addition to skips there are also other options such as bags, that are easier to deliver and collect but hold less and various firms provide grab trucks which will arrive and pick-up your waste without the need for a skip - you'll need to have everything ready for when they arrive though.

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