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Of course every skip hire company has their own price list, but it's a competitive market and you may be able to get a discount off their list skip hire prices - but only if you ask!

We've noticed that very few companies publish their skip prices on the internet or anywhere else for that matter, which makes it difficult for people to get an idea of how much a skip is going to cost. By requesting a quote, we can give you a more accurate idea of prices for your particular area - there are some wide variations across the country.

When you ask for a quote for skip hire make sure you request the total cost in order to get an accurate price. Skip companies will often quote a general rate from their price list without asking for the specific details of the hire you need. It's always best to fully explain what you need in order to get the true price. For example let them know what size skip you need, how long you are likely to keep it for and whether you will need to site the skip on a public highway.

Also don't forget that skip hire prices vary widely by area, so make sure the skip company knows exactly where you live when they quote your price. You don't want any surprises, especially if you have gone to the trouble of arranging an on-street license beforehand.

Another important point to note is that certain types of waste will attract additional charges, so be sure to let the company know if you suspect your waste may fall into that category. Then you'll get a more accurate price from the outset.

Skip Prices - Approximate Guidelines - Central and Northern England, Wales and Scotland

If you're not ready to ask for an individual quote just yet, we've indicated the starting prices for the most common skip sizes below. These prices do not include any landfill tax if required or any on-street license:

  • 3 Yard - Approx 70 + VAT
  • 4 Yard - Approx 95 + VAT
  • 6 Yard - Approx 115 + VAT
  • 8 Yard - Approx 140 + VAT
  • 10 Yard - Approx 165 + VAT
  • 12 Yard - Approx 170 + VAT
  • 14 Yard - Approx 180 + VAT
  • 16 Yard - Approx 200 + VAT
  • 20 Yard Ro Ro - Approx 230 + VAT
  • 40 Yard Ro Ro - Approx 330 + VAT
  • 50 Yard Ro Ro - Approx 440 + VAT

Skip Prices - Approximate Guidelines - London and Southern England

The price of skip hire in London and the south east is typically more expensive than in the rest of the country. This is due to the higher cost of business premises, more expensive waste disposal costs plus higher transport and labour costs.

  • 3 Yard - Approx 80 + VAT
  • 4 Yard - Approx 110 + VAT
  • 6 Yard - Approx 135 + VAT
  • 8 Yard - Approx 160 + VAT
  • 10 Yard - Approx 190 + VAT
  • 12 Yard - Approx 200 + VAT
  • 14 Yard - Approx 210 + VAT
  • 16 Yard - Approx 230 + VAT
  • 20 Yard Ro Ro - Approx 250 + VAT
  • 40 Yard Ro Ro - Approx 350 + VAT
  • 50 Yard Ro Ro - Approx 450 + VAT

The skip hire prices above are some of the cheapest you'll find - often for larger towns and cities the prices can be higher. You can frequently reduce the cost of skip hire by filling it promptly and having your skip collected quickly. Keeping the skip for only a few days will often attract a discount on list prices. Also opt for periods outside the seasonal busy periods.

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Skip Hire in London

Skip hire prices are very dependent on location and companies providing skips in London charge higher prices than anywhere else. For example you can expect to add another 50% to these prices for some central london areas. these companies have higher overheads as you would expect.

Cheapest Skips

Skip Hire Contents

Please remember that prices are also dependent on the type of content you are placing in the skip. Simple rubble (concrete and brick) will cost the least, soil and garden waste may incur a small additional cost and mixed waste skips will cost approximately 25% more than the prices indicated on this page. Always inform the skip hire company in advance as to your disposal requirements - you don't want any surprises when they come to pick up your skip