Skip Hire Companies

We work with Skip Hire specialists across the South East providing an efficient and value-for-money skip hire finding service. All of the companies we work with are committed to providing excellent service - something not always guaranteed in this business. That means the companies will strive to respond quickly to enquiries, offer good value for money, work to agreed timings and operate strictly within the law. You can be sure you will be only connected with reliable companies.

Skip Hire Companies in Surrey

The following companies operate in the Surrey area:

  • Chambers
  • Grab Trucks
  • Taurus Waste
  • R Collard
  • Aldershot Waste Management
  • Easy Skips
  • SITA
  • Woking Skips
  • Ace Skip Hire
  • MDS Skips Hire

One thing to watch out for when looking for a skip on the internet is the number of faux or virtual skip companies. These are skip companies that in reality don't actuallly exist. They are just a call centre who will take your enquiry and then sell it on to a local skip company - often charging a premium. And these companies are often quite difficult to spot. Many of the names you see advertised, especially if you look in your printed Yellow Pages, are just trading names of much larger businesses, who have gone to elaborate lengths to set up local-sounding companies to attract business. Also you may find that several names advertised all lead back to the same business in the background. These virtual companies are bad news for the small local skip operator who may have no choice but to partner with them, as they secure so much of the local skip enquiries through their sophisticated advertising - something the local skip hire company has no chance of competing with.

Here on Skip Hire Direct we do our best to screen out most of these types of skip companies and only promote "real" local businesses in our listings. Sometimes we may show advertising from one of the big networks but it should be fairly clear that it's an advert and not a listing for local skip hire companies.

Some skip companies also operate under multiple names in order give themselves a higher profile and more chance of being found. That said most skip companies are reliable and well run businesess. Many are small companies run by families who have been in the trade for several generations and are focused on providing a good and fair service.

Where We Operate


Each company we partner with has their own pricing structure, however we will indicate a guide price when you request a quotation. Some companies operate discount schemes and special offers, so check for these when you arrange your skip hire with them. There may be extra charges for certain types of disposal (eg Asbestos).