A Large International Waste Fair in Mexico this month shows how the profile of waste management and recycling has been on the increase recently.

Towards the end of March, the eyes of leading experts in waste management will be turned on Mexico as the country hosts a trade show at the World Trade Centre in Mexico City.

The three day trade fair will attract 150 exhibitors and around 3000 visitors. The show will satisfy the needs of many sectors of the business community from municipal bodies responsible for delivering against new legislation for levels of recycling and environmentally sound methods of waste disposal. They will be interested in systems for composting, handling construction waste, recycling scrap metal and waste incineration.

The companies exhibiting at the show will be promoting their products, equipment and technologies, all designed to make the disposal and recyclng of waste better for our environment.

Shows like this just go to show what a huge commercial industry is growing up in the sector and every company involved, from skip hire companies to commercial recyling businesses will be watching developments carefully. There is no doubt that the market in waste management is still in the early stages of fairly significant development and the opportunities for companies to take advantage are widespread.

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