With some local councils threatening charges for waste disposal, fly tipping could increase

The cash crisis in many local councils across the country has already had an impact on some areas such as car park charges. Now some councils are threatening to introduce charges for waste disposal at local recycling and refuse centres.

The impact of these new waste disposal charges could lead to several knock-on effects. Firstly the prevalence of fly tipping could increase. Fly tipping is already a problem in many areas where unscrupulous small business owners seek to avoid rubbish disposal fees. Now those charges could be extended to householders there are worries about a surge in fly tipping.

Devon County Council is one of several in england already charging people for the disposal on non-household waste and placing restrictions on access to waste centres for certain vehicle, such as those with trailers.

Even the councils themselves cannot agree on a consistent policy and in the south east, Exeter City Council, Devon County Council and East Devon District Council all agree to differ. This will not only be confusing for theor staff but most certainly for the general public who want to use the facilities to recycle their waste.

In the end it may even be cheaper for a householder to hire a skip to dispose of any waste in reasonable volumes. At least them they will know the cost up fron and not incur transport costs themselves or have the uncertainty of knowing their waste will be taken.

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