Aparently two skips in Devizes are owned by Biffa and are blocking an area close to a canal, but the company doesn't know who they were hired to.

Now we don't claim to be rocket scientists here on SkipHireDirect but for a skip company not to place some kind of identification marker on its skips seems kind of odd. Surely if you had a large inventory of skips you would use some type of identification system, visible or hidden, to mark each skip, record which skip was hired to which customer and potentially use that identification system if required.

The cost of purchasing a brand new skip is not cheap, so you would expect companies to take a degree of care with their assets. If they were stolen, damaged or to suffer some other mishap, it would be obvious to rely on some kind of identifier.

In the case of the Devizes problem, Biffa obviously knows the skips belong to it, but it has no record of a skip hire contract in the area and can't work out from the skips themselves, who they were hired out to.

The local council, which had brought the problem to Biffa's attention, said it hoped the skips would be removed in time for the switching on of the Christmas lights in Devizes. Problem sorted then, but it does highlight an issue that other skip companies might consider worthy of attention.

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