Summer is the peak time for skip hire businesses

As the weather improves and summer approaches skip hire companies are bracing themselves for the peak time of the year. Skip hire volumes steadily increase from their typical low during november, december and january through to their peak times during may, june, july and august. The main reason for this change in business volume is the weather. Both commercial skip hire and private trade sees the same jump. During the warmer, drier months, builders take on more outdoor work or start new projects which typically generate more waste. Also the gerneral public take the opportunity to get outside and clear up their gardens or tackle the mounting rubbish that builds up in garages for example. The temptation of a few dry days is enough for many people to hire a skip and clear out their old, unwanted possessions.

The results of this increased demand is a lack of availability and a possible increase in skip prices.

The cost of skip hire is subject to the same inflationary pressures as any other business service and it makes sense for skip hire companies to bring their new prices into effect before the summer peak.

Demand in the summer is such that you may not be able to get the skip you need exactly when you want. Skip companies only own a certain number of skips and they need to balance the requirements of the summer peak with the low demand periods during the winter. Many will offer incentives for you to return your skip to them as quickly as possible. By doing that they can hire their skips out on a higher turnaround and ultimately make more profit.

So if you need a skip during the summer peak period it pays to plan ahead. Book your skip as soon as you know when you need it and plan to keep it as briefly as possible. Ask your skip hire company if they'll give you a discount for an early pickup.

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