Skip Hire companies need to think "Green"

Most big businesses in the UK are well aware of the consumer movement towards greener products. Some companies make themselves more environmentally friendly when forced to do so by regulations, while others are running their own initiatives and changing their behaviour which allows them to appeal to consumers who appreciate such moves. Supermarkets are proactively addressing the plastic bag problem, car manufacturers are incentivised to produce more fuel efficient and cleaner vehicles. Other companies employ staff to evaluate their performance against green targets and drive internal initiatives to improve them. But in the skip hire business, green initiatives are mainly driven by UK and EU regulations and we believe there are opportunities for some companies to steal a march on their competitors by promoting their own campaigns for better waste disposal.

Skip hire may have been seen by some people as a way of disposing of any type of waste in a trouble free manner, but the skip companies themselves and the waste processing firms they use are forced to comply with various regulations in terms of the amount of waste that gets recycled.

If consumers knew which skip hire companies were the best performers and which went the extra mile to help keep the planet cleaner, then consumers could pick their prefered supplier based on their green credentials if they wanted to.

We'd like to see more skip companies upping the ante on better recycling and lower carbon footprints.

For most people, picking a skip hire supplier is a decision based on convenience and price, but if green credentials became a part of the equation then the landscape may change and companies could charge slightly more for a greener service.

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