Recycling Activities at Christmas

As well as being a time for celebration and reflection, Christmas also brings it's own challenges as far as waste disposal and recycling is concerned. Many households generate their maximum volume of rubbish over the Christmas period and with the close concentration of public holidays, the time between local authority refuse collections often extends. For many households it becomes a struggle to cope with the volume of waste they produce.

Here, some clever recycling can help. Much of the waste produced is either glass or paper and cardboard packaging, all of which can be recycled. All you need is to be well organised with your recycling plans and coping over the Christmas period should be much easier. Don't forget to compost to the max to make best use of all those vegetable peelings.

Also many local authorities and garden centres are offering to recycle Christmas trees. This is a free service usually and they'll use your old tree to make wood chippings or soil conditioner.

Of course, we should expect our local authorities and councils to be ready to cope with the larger recycling demand expected this Christmas, but sadly some will fail. We noticed one south-east council whose glass recycling containers were already full to capacity in the week before Christmas and that was before the seasonal peak had started.

Gone are the days when household waste amenity tips and skip hire companies should expect to experience a peak in trade during the Christmas period. Recycling is here to stay and we're all getting much better at it!

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