Go Ahead for 5 Recycling Incentive Schemes

As local authorities are forced to introduce and improve waste recycling in line with EC targets, the introduction of 5 incentivised pilots under government backing is a new direction. Schemes which incentivise waste recylcing are more common abroad but are a new direction for this country. We had thought that schemes would soon adopt a penalty-type approach, so it will be interesting to see how these new incentive pilots develop. A 12 week consultation period preceeded the announcement.

DEFRA will allocate up to 1.5 million over 3 years to the pilots. The first indication of how they might run was given by Waste and Recycling Minister Joan Ruddock, who stated that under the pilots, rebates could be deducted from council tax payments. Some other preconditions of the pilots include the provision of good kerbside recyling services, taking into account potentially disadvantaged groups and prevention strategies for fly-tipping. We're not sure how the use of skips or local authority tips could be monitored within the pilots.

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