Municipal Waste grows but more is recycled

The government has released the results of it's 2006-2007 municipal waste survey. The data collection exercise for the survey received 100% support from local authorities, all of whom have a big focus now on waste and recycling initiatives. Municipal waste totals grew from 28.7 million tonnes in 2005/06 to 29.1 million tonnes in 2006/07. The increase of 1.4% was disappointing, especially as average annual increases have been only 0.2% in the five years from 2001/02. More positively the amount that had value recovered from it grew from 37.2% to 41.8%. Recycling levels grew by 2.4% and levels incinerated for energy recovery grew by 1%.

As a percentage of all municipal waste, household waste accounted for 89% or just over 500kg per household per year. The household waste figures do not include waste disposed of in skips. Recycling of household waste grew by 4.2%, but the most encouraging figure is the amount of household waste sent for recycling or composting which grew by 17%. Of the 500kg total, this represented 148kg or over 30%. Interestingly there are some huge regional variations in the rates of household waste recycling with London performing poorly at 22% while the East, East Midlands and the South all achieved over 35%. Obviously there is a long way to go for some areas and further improvements can be expected as we change our whole attitude to waste recycling and learn from past mistakes.

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