Fires in Skips

Here's our useful advice page on avoiding fires in skips, one of the most frequent safety problems associated with skip hire. Not only are skip fires an annoyance, but they also represent a big safety hazard both to surrounding property and any individuals nearby. A further consideration is the financial implication. A skip fire may not only damage the skip itself, for which most companies will add the replacement cost to the skip hire price, but it could also damage the road surface if sited on a public highway, which will also need to be repaired. This could all work out to be quite expensive, all for the sake of a little extra care.
By following the simple guidance outlined below, you'll avoid many of the causes of skip fires and also the knock-on effects that can result of you have a skip fire.

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Best Ways of avoiding Skip Fires and resulting problems

  • Of course don't burn anything in your skip - that should go with saying really!
  • Place the skip as far away as possible from buildings - at least 5 metres if you can
  • Never place aerosols, gas cylinders, old car batteries, or containers of flammable liquids
  • Get professional advice when getting rid of other hazardous waste or biowaste
  • Have full skips collected as soon as possible
  • Don't put your skip under any canopy or under trees
  • Keep the skip well away from any glass or other flammable structures
  • Think about fire service access in the case of a fire
  • Keep access for emergency vehicles clear and make sure fire hydrants can be used

Skip Areas

Skip Prices

One thing is sure, there are no standard skip prices, so make sure you shop around, even if it's only through 2 or 3 companies to get the best price for your area. Of course bigger skips cost more and location is also a major factor on price. But various other things will affect the cost of your skip. The type of waste you get rid of is important, how long you keep the skip and of course the company you deal with. Some larger companies may work out to be cheaper if you live in an area where a number of skip companies are competing against each other for business. But often skip owner operators can work out just as cheaply.

Check our main page on skip prices.