Cheapest Skips - where to find them

It's a competitive market the skip hire business and prices vary widely by location, demand and competition. Driven by profit many skip hire companies will charge fixed list prices for first-time customers, but for anyone looking for the cheapest skips you may need to ask for discounts or play one supplier off against another. To find the cheapest skips quickly always ask for a quote first and let the hire company know you will be checking with 2 other suppliers first (don't tell them which ones). Negotiation is key - remember if you don't ask you're unlikely to get a discount. Also bear in mind the time of year: November and December are quiet periods so there may be a deal to be had - whereas the first few warmer days of spring sees demand jump up and companies are unlikely to cut you a deal.

More advice about hiring a cheap skip. It may be worthwhile saying that you'll make the skip available for return quickly in return for a price cut. If you are likely to need more skips later, say that you need 2 or 3 skips over a period of time even if you ultimately fail to order all of them. Also ask for the company's cheapest possible price because you're on a tight budget. Or just how they might be able to bring the price down.

Cheapest Skip Prices

Here's a guide to the cheapest prices we have seen - remember location is a big factor with London and other major cities being more expensive. Also if you live in a remote location the cost of transport becomes important.

  • 3 Yard - £50
  • 4 Yard - £60
  • 6 Yard - £100
  • 8 Yard - £120
  • 10 Yard - £125
  • 12 Yard - £130

Skip Hire Areas